Aurelia embodies the essence of beauty, life, and the unparalleled energy of womanhood. It draws inspiration from the tiniest and most inquisitive creatures of the ocean, as well as the vibrant, captivating destinations scattered across our world.
The name "Aurelia" is an homage to the Aurelia Jellyfish, also known as the Moon Jellyfish. We selected these graceful and mesmerizing creatures, perceiving them as symbolic representations of the enigmatic beauty inherent in female energy.
The heart of our collection lies in the awe-inspiring realm of corals. We hold a deep admiration for these extraordinary beings due to the life they nurture. Coral Reefs, composed of countless minuscule coral formations, contribute to 70% of the oxygen vital to all living beings. They serve as the bedrock of oceanic well-being. Acknowledging our reliance on them, we've joined hands with Coral Catch to cultivate and propagate corals in Indonesia, contributing to the vitality of our oceans.
Furthermore, each piece in our collection is named after iconic coastal locations teeming with diverse cultures, hues, and flavors. These beautiful places, united by the boundless sea, serve as an intrinsic part of our inspiration.
Aurelia beckons to women across the globe who share a deep concern for our planet, who appreciate beauty, and who seek to express their femininity through their attire.
For every item sold within the collection, we commit to planting a baby coral in collaboration with our esteemed partner, Coral Catch. Each of our valued customers will receive a certificate pinpointing the location of the adopted baby coral, establishing a tangible connection to the positive impact of their purchase. For further details, please visit our page about CORAL CATCH.